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Genuine YouTube video views
tubeincreaser3 Bigger fanbase and subscriptions
Helps your video reputation
Boosts YouTube/Google results
Gets you famous...quickly!

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Happy Customers

Tube Increaser helped me reach views daily! I was able to concentrate on the video production side of things!
- Matt Squido


Thanks heaps guys! The more comments I sent, the more views and subscriptions I recieved! Now I am one of the most popular music channels on YouTube!!
- ALV Music Group


Fully Automated, easy to use and I leave it on for most of the day without any worries about getting my account deleted.
- Cameron White

Safe and Secure

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Tube Increaser is the #1 software for increasing YouTube video views!
There is no need for long and frustrating hours of promoting your videos.
Send automated messages and comments to your target audience on the fly! The opportunities are endless! Get more comments, honors, subscriptions, ratings, views and much more!



tube increaser

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With millions of YouTube users uploading their videos each day, it is almost impossible for your videos to get the exposure it deserves.


Without the right promotional techniques and marketing, your videos on YouTube could and will eventually disappear along with the million other YouTube videos.


Thanks to Turbo Tube, we now have an easy solution to give your YouTube videos the exposure it deserves!


Tube Increaser


By using Tube Increaser, you will be able to send automated messages and comments, giving your videos attention and gaining large amount of views and ratings instantly!
So what are you waiting for?


Get Tube Increaser now and get famous!

Is Tube Increaser easy to use?


Yes, absolutely! Itís all done in a few easy steps. Simply download Tube Increaser, login to YouTube, and automatically send comments to other user channels, videos and private messages. Tube Increaser is 100% safe and complies with YouTube Terms of Service.

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- Video Demonstration: How to use Tube Increaser